“I do not agree with a word that you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it” --Voltaire

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Saturday nights are Ladies' (of Sherlock and elsewhere) nights. whoops.

Egaltarian. It really shouldn't matter what gender I am when it comes to what I believe in, but since someone's probably going to call me a guy at some point, I might as well say up front that I'm a female.


i had to reread the rules like twenty times to finally realize that photography is allowed

Anyways, here’s my letsdrawsherlock entry for this month’s theme: “Holmes in Your Own Culture.” The culture I chose was high school, specifically in Silicon Valley.

[details under the cut in re: the toxic culture pertaining to grades and why I chose this ‘theme’ to my photos]

I am currently in high school. I live in California, and while I was contemplating doing a very stereotypical “Sherlock eats oatmeal for breakfast and then goes surfing all day and when he’s done he parties for 5ever plus he’s tan” (I think that’s what people think of us nowadays?), but then I realized that that’s not accurate (and I live more than an hour away from any sort of beach so…) or how I want to portray Californians. 

I live in “Silicon Valley” (as it’s known to most of the world) and “the Bay Area” (as it’s known to Californians). As well as (supposedly) being one of the top tech areas in the world, we also have a lot of racial diversity— and diversity overall— so it’s a pretty cool place to live. However, I feel like the emphasis on technology in our daily lives has started to affect the way we see life. It’s no longer “I can learn things at school!” and more like “I can get A+’s and get into the college of my choice and work long hours at a job where I sit at a computer all day but at least I’ll be earning money, right?” There is a lot of pressure to get good grades, and very little to retain information beyond what you’ll need to know for the SATs/ACTs. While it’s nice to know that we’re attempting to stay competitive in the job market, it’s also a bit disturbing because children and teens are most often judged by the grades they earn, and not the content of their character. 

I feel like Sherlock wouldn’t get good grades, not because she (this is fem!lock because that is my hand) is not smart but because she doesn’t feel like joining the endless rat race to the top and finds studies in anything other than science unnecessary.

That was unwise

I don’t need your input.

Mother and father are going to wonder where your report card went.

Screw them.

You need to try harder with your studies. That’s the only way you’ll be able to find a job when you’re an adult— getting into a good college.

Why does it have to be “the only way?”


Steve Jobs dropped out of college.

You are not Steve Jobs.

The little things:

  • No, Bells High School is not actually a place. I made up the address, and no, I don’t live in Palo Alto, but I wouldn’t exactly put my real city, now would I?
  • In the second picture, I’m actually wearing two button-down shirts because I was too lazy to take off the one I’m wearing as I type this.
  • Sherlock wears jeans because everyone wears jeans. Everyone. Except maybe a couple of business people? People in the tech industry are laid back about their clothing.
  • The textbook under the tuner is “The Art and Science of JAVA,” the tuner is one I actually use for my clarinet and I don’t know that it works so well with string instruments, and the notebook is from Yahoo. wow that’s actually kind of ironic

If you read all of that, I’m sorry.

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